Directory of Local Producers

Get Fresh! Thunder Bay Your Guide to Local Food

Thunder Bay has many farms in the area that sell to the local market. There are a number of ways to get your hands on local vegetables, fruits, meats, grains and other products!

B&B Farms

Owner(s): Darren and Debbie Burgsteden
Location: 3523 Hwy 17, Rosslyn
Phone: 939-1446
Email: thunderbayspuds(at)

Products: whole white, red, or russet potatoes, and processed, peeled, and cubed potatoes and fresh cut fries.
Where to buy: Farm gate, local area grocery stores, Thunder Bay Country Market

Belluz Farms

Owner(s): Belluz Family - Kevin and Jodi
Location: 752 Candy Mountain Drive, Slate River
Phone: 475-5181
Email: info(at)

Products: pick your own strawberries, saskatoons, raspberries, peas, beans and cucumbers, or fresh-picked herbs, salad greens, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, garlic sweet corn, tomatoes (including heirloom), melons, pumpkins, winter squash, assorted heirloon veggies
Where to buy: Farm gate, Belluz Farms' Little Red Barn (parking lot of Home Hardware on Memorial Ave.), Thunder Bay Country Market, Superior Seasons Online Food Market

Boreal Birch Syrup

Owner(s): Dave Challen and Beth Kuiper
Phone: 768-7958
Email: info(at)

Products: birch syrup, birch-maple syrup blend
Where to buy: Thunder Bay Country Market, online orders, various food outlets in Ontario

Boreal Forest Teas

Owner(s): Lee-Ann Chevrette
Email: info(at)

Products: organic herbal teas
Where to buy: Belluz Farms Market Store, Bean Fiend, The Study (Lakehead University), Airport Gift Shoft, online

Breukelman's Potato Farm

Owner(s): Arnold and Dan Breukelman
Location: 11 Piper Drive, Slate River
Phone: 935-4040

Products: potatoes
Where to buy: Farm gate, local area grocery stores

Bruce and Valve Forrest

Owner(s): Bruce and Valve Forrest
Location: 784 Barrie Drive, Stanley
Phone: 473-9609

Products: beef, rabbits
Where to buy: Farm gate, phone orders, Vitality Natural Food Market, Superior Seasons Online Food Market

Brule Creek Farms

Owner(s): Jeff and Andrea Burke
Location: RR 1, 50 Pokki Road, Kakabeka Falls
Phone: 933-0570
Email: info(at)

Products: stone ground flour - sifted, whole grain, rye, buckwheat, selection of baking mixes, cold-pressed extra virgin canola oil
Where to buy: Thunder Bay Country Market, farm gate, select local and regional grocery stores, Superior Seasons Online Food Market, Cloverbelt Local Food Coop Online Store

Chocolate Cow

Owner(s): Doug and Jane Stanton
Location: 261 McCluskey Drive, Slate River
Phone: 623-2628
Email: chocolatecow(at)

Products: chocolates, chocolate bark with local fruit dried on-site, apples from orchard, apple products
Where to buy: at the shop Monday - Thursday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Thunder Bay Country Market, Maltese Grocery, Cheese Encounter, Vitality Natural Food Market, Bloomers in the Brownhouse, other selected local stores

De Bruin's Greenhouses

Owner(s): Arjen and Henriet De Bruin
Location: 3033 Hwy 61, Slate River
Phone: 475-7545
Email: debruin(at)

Products: greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, living lettuces and basils, fresh herbs
Where to buy: De Bruin's Greenhouses, Thunder Bay Country Market, Valley Fresh Fruit, select local food stores and restaurants, and phone orders

Gammondale Farm

Owner(s): Gerry and Sue Gammond
Location: 426 McCluskey Drive, Slate River
Phone: 475-5615
Email: farmfun(at)

Products: 40+ varieties of squash and pumpkins
Where to buy: Farm gate, phone orders

Green Valley Gardens Honey Farm

Owner(s): Nicole Wojtalik
Location: 1051 Road 5 South, Shuniah
Phone: 977-1090
Email: nicolewojtalik(at)

Products: wild flower honey
Where to buy: Farm gate, Thunder Bay Country Market, True North Community Co-op, Lakeshore Drive Variety

Jady Farm

Owner(s): Trudy and Jim Byers
Location: 423 Calvert. Rd., Murillo
Phone: 935-2840 or 620-7123
Email: tbyers(at)
About: Naturally raised beef grown on a family farm and processed at the local abbatoir.  The Byers have been raising beef for over 40 years.

Products: beef; individual cuts, sides, lean ground beef, and meat packs
Where to buy: On-farm at 423 Calvert. Rd. in Murillo or home delivery

Little Doo's Farms

Owner(s): Glenn King and Michael Quibell
Location: 186 Morrow Road, Murillo
Phone: 935-3362
Email: kingod(at)

Products: lamb, rabbit, value-added products
Where to buy: Farm gate, Thunder Bay Country Market, phone orders

Mile Hill Farms

Owner(s): Renata and Maurice Thiboutot
Location: Kakabeka Falls
Phone: 939-7514
Email: renata(at)

Products: garlic, onions, kale, fennel, carrots, beets, spaghetti squash, rapini, other vegetables
Where to buy: Direct from website, Thunder Bay Country Market, Superior Seasons Online Food Market, TBRHSC Fresh Market, Cloverbelt Coop, Maltese Grocery, Valley Fresh, other specialty grocery stores, seeds can be purchased through Roots to Harvest

Northern Unique

Owner(s): Rob Walsh
Location: 431 Northern Avenue, Thunder Bay
Phone: 622-3955
Email: northernunique(at)

Products: baking, prepared foods, locally bred and raised wild board and bison from The Dawson Buffalo Ranch
Where to buy: Phone orders or via email, Thunder Bay Country Market, Superior Seasons Online Food Market

Reidridge Farms

Owner(s): Jason and Trudy Reid
Location: 3415 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay
Phone: 935-3224
Email: reidridgefarm(at)

Products: lamb and beef
Where to buy: Phone orders, AJ's Trading Post, Thunder Bay Country Market

Sandy Acres Farm Inc.

Owner(s): Peter Brink and Scott Poluyko
Location: 4154 Hwy 11/17, Kakabeka Falls
Phone: 939-2742
Email: info(at)

Products: beef and pork by sides, quarters, individual cuts, artisan sausages ground, hamburger patties, as well as farm boxes, mixed and custom boxes
Where to buy: Email and phone orders, farm gate, Thunder Bay Country Market

Simply Superior Farm Products

Owner(s): Clair Anderson
Location: 91 Carlo's Road, Thunder Bay
Phone: 632-1822
Email: ssfpcsa(at)

Products: organic, non-GMO vegetables, jams, preserves, home milled stone ground flour, breads, baking
Where to buy: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership share sales, farm gate, Nolalu and South Gillies Country Markets

Slate River Dairy

Owner(s): Wilma Mol
Location: 4275 Hwy 61, Neebing
Phone: 473-5105
Email: slateriverdairy(at)

Products: whole milk straight from the cow, 2% milk, skim milk, 35% cream, yogurt. All are pasteurized but not homogenized so the cream in 25% and 35% rises to the top.
Where to buy: On-site country store, Thunder Bay Country Market, The Cheese Encounters and other select grocery stores

Sleepy G Farm

Owner(s): Brendan Grant and Marcelle Paulin
Location: Pass Lake
Phone: 977-1631
Email: sleepygfarm(at)

Products: certified organic vegetables, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) vegetable box subscription
Where to buy: CSA subscription program, Thunder Bay Country Market, Silver Islet Market Stand (Saturdays July-August), Bonobo's Foods, select restaurants.

Tarrymore Farms

Owner(s): William Groenheide
Location: 1789 Hwy 595, South Gillies
Phone: 475-3138
Email: info(at)

Products: beef, eggs, vegetables
Where to buy: Farm gate, Thunder Bay Country Market, phone and email orders

The Fish Shop

Owner(s): Liisa Karkkainen
Location: 1960 Lakeshore Drive, Shuniah
Phone: 983-2214
Email: thefishshop(at)

Products: local fresh fish, smoked fish, caviar, saltfish, ocean fish, seafood, wild rice, eggs, cheese, ready made dishes and appetizers for take-out
Where to buy: The Fish Shop (Summer 9am-7pm, Winter 9am-6pm), Thunder Bay Country Market

The Squash Queen

Owner(s): Dan and Shannon Vanlenthe and Family
Location: 1926 Hwy 595, South Gillies
Phone: 939-1013
Email: countryman(at)

Products: fresh picked vegetables - cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, zucchini, herbs, and bedding out plants, and pasture raised pork
Where to buy: Thunder Bay Country Market, select local food stores

Thunder Oak Cheese Farm

Owner(s): The Schep Family
Location: 611 Boundary Drive, Neebing
Phone: 628-0175
Email: info(at)

Products: gouda cheese in a large selection of flavours made from fresh milk from the farm's Holstein cows
Where to buy: in country store, Thunder Bay Country Market, select local food stores

Vanderwees Farms 

Owner(s): Bruce Vanderwees
Location: 5221 Townline Road, Murillo
Phone: 935-2507
Email: info(at)

Products: fresh eggs
Where to buy: Vanderwees Farms (weekdays 8am-4pm), local grocery and convenience stores, restaurants and hotels

Vanderwees Home & Garden

Owner(s): John Vanderwees
Location: 6488 Mapleward Road, Thunder Bay
Phone: 767-3666
Email(s): jvan(at) or vander1(at)

Products: pesticide-free hothouse tomatoes, fresh food from local sources
Where to buy: Vanderwees Home & Garden Retail Garden Centre

Walkabout Farm

Owner(s): Robert and Janice Groenheide
Location: 44 Oleksuk Road, Neebing
Phone: 964-2229
Email: info(at)

Products: lamb and pork
Where to buy: Thunder Bay Country Market, Belluz Farm Store, phone or email orders

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