Seasonal Recipes

There are so many reasons to eat with the seasons. First of all, the freshness and flavour of local food is superb. Food that has been able to ripen in the sun and on the vine tastes so much better than produce ripened on the back of a truck. Also, did you know that local produce is more nutritious? Many studies have determined that local food has more nutrients since  farmers growing for a local market often favor taste and diversity over shipability. It's simple, food delivered quickly from the farm to your plate maintains more nutrients! Moreover, choosing local food means getting to know your community and the people who grow your food. Local food encourages us to share our food knowledge and skills, celebrate the harvest, and build trusting producer-consumer relationships.

Keep checking back for more delicious seasonal recipes!

Mighty Microgreens Salad

Herbs and Honey Salad Dressing

Ferntastic Fiddleheads

Celeriac and Apple Slaw

Smokey Rutabaga 

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

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